Jacksonville deer are rarely hit by vehicles

We have lived in Jacksonville for many years and know about watching out for the deer that roam around. Why doesn't Jacksonville have signs posted before town by the orchards telling people to watch out for deer in and around Jacksonville? Is it a cost issue? How much does a sign cost? We just came back from a trip to Estes Park, Colo., and they have a huge sign posted saying to watch out for elk in and around town. I think that having a sign might help people to watch out for the deer especially around the orchard. Last week a deer was killed there and this week another one.

— Shelia, Jacksonville

While we don't doubt that Jacksonville is as bustling with deer as nearby Ashland is, Shelia, putting out signs to alert people of their presence doesn't sound like a city priority right now.

According to City Administrator Jeff Alvin, deer actually aren't hit by cars very often within city limits.

"We don't pick up a lot of them," said Alvin, who added that sometimes deer die of natural causes near a roadway.

Alvin said that because the entire town has low speed limits, and there aren't any specific areas where a lot of deer are hit, putting up signs doesn't make much sense to him.

"If there was one real bad area, we would probably do something," said Alvin.

Alvin said that short of putting up large banners at either end of town warning passersby to watch out for deer, he didn't see the purpose of putting up small signs around town at this point, regardless of cost.

"The deer just kind of roam free in Jacksonville," said Alvin.

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