Jackson County updates emergency notification system

Jackson County Emergency Management's Citizen Alert notification system has received several upgrades to make it easier for the public and system administrators to use.

JCEM official Jenny Hall said the system upgrades, developed by contractor Everbridge, came at no additional cost to the county. The agency uses the system to send emergency information to citizens in the midst of natural disasters, to provide notifications of escaped fugitives who may be in the area or to let people know about hazardous material spills. These automated alerts are sent only to landline telephones.

People can also sign up for cell phone or email alerts. Anyone who signs up for the updates can customize the information they receive and how they receive it. In addition to emergency alerts, they can choose to also receive non-emergency information like public meeting notices and missing persons reports.

This upgrade requires all pre-existing members to validate their user name and refresh their password one time only.

For more information, visit www.jacksoncounty.org/alert.

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