Jackson County to discuss altering its fee schedule

There could soon be new fees attached to several services performed by Jackson County departments.

The new fees under consideration extend to services in the county's assessor's, development services, roads and surveyor's departments. County officials also plan to eliminate some fees on services no longer offered by the county's animal control and health and human services departments as well as small equipment use fees at the Medford airport. Increases and decreases to several existing fee amounts also will be considered.

Jackson County's Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the adjusted fees at its Wednesday public meeting, held at 9:30 a.m. at the Jackson County Courthouse Auditorium, 10 S. Oakdale Ave., Medford.

At the public hearing, the proposed fees and their potential benefits will be discussed.

Harvey Bragg, deputy county administrator, said the conversation also will address what percentage of the service costs should be borne by the individual requesting the service.

Jackson County also is proposing a modification to its ordinance on fees that would allow county officials to adopt new fees every six months instead of annually.

"We still only plan on doing it once a year," Bragg said.

The board also plans to vote on a proposal to establish the new rates. Bragg said new fees are considered every year.

"We review everything," he said. "This is just a normal course of action."

  • Animal Control — Engraved pet ID tags ($7)
  • Assessor — Tax lot consolidation fee ($102), open space application ($238), open space disqualification ($278), urban renewal setup ($2,995)
  • Development Services — Custom map creation ($112)
  • Finance — Tax refund check reissue ($19)
  • Health — Traveling vaccine ($30 or $45 per group)
  • Roads — Application due date extension ($25), sidewalk repair permit ($160)
  • Sheriff — Records entry for other agencies ($50)
  • Surveyor — Certification of survey records ($35), survey records subscription service ($1,200), vacation of all public ways ($369), cemetery plat filing ($220), cemetery plat checking ($1,100 to $1,400)

  • Airport — Conference room equipment (was $2 to $5)
  • Animal Control — Humane trap rental (was $17)
  • Health — Home assessment (was $70), initial assessment (was $55) and telephone visit (was $31). These will be billed as part of the Oregon Health Plan.
  • Nutritional counseling (was $67) and topical fluoride application (was $15). Both are no longer offered due to staff reductions.

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