Injured firefighter released from hospital

A firefighter who was burned during a rural fire west of Phoenix Saturday was released from the hospital Monday.

Cameron Guthrie, 20, of Applegate, suffered first- and second-degree burns on his face and hands, said Brian Ballou, a spokesman for the Oregon Department of Forestry.

Firefighters quickly doused the midafternoon fire, which broke out in the 4200 block of Pioneer Road, but it briefly raised a dramatic column of smoke in the hills west of Phoenix that was visible across the Bear Creek valley.

Ballou said Guthrie was a member of a state forestry fire engine crew and was operating a fire hose during a maneuver known to firefighters as "pump and roll," in which a firefighter sprays water at the fire while a fire engine drives along the burn area. Guthrie somehow became isolated from his engine and had to move through the flames to safety.

ODF is investigating the incident, Ballou said.

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