Hundreds of dollars taken from Central Point Little League Fields

Between $300 and $400 went missing from the Central Point Little League Fields concession stand office this weekend, Jackson County Sheriff's Office officials said.

The sheriff's office and Central Point Police Department responded to the fields at 2935 Hanley Road at 9:06 a.m. Saturday after receiving a call about an apparent break-in. The door to the office had not been locked during the night, according to preliminary reports.

No suspects have been apprehended yet, and a final report on the incident has not been completed.

Sheriff's office public information officer Andrea Carlson said as the summer months begin, it's more important than ever to be conscientious locking up, as more people are outside and driving up the potential for thefts.

“You're getting to the season where more people are getting in and out of their sheds,” Carlson said. “We always want to warn people (to lock up), regardless of the season.”
Law enforcement has responded to the little league fields before for a variety of calls, including traffic issues, noise violations and animal complaints.

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