Hospitalizations for flu drop in Oregon

The number of people hospitalized with flu in Oregon dropped substantially this week. But it's too early to say the worst of the flu season is over.

The number of flu hospitalizations in Oregon dropped from 115 last week to 52 this week.

Dr. Ann Thomas of the Oregon Public Health Division said that's good news, but flu activity remains high and widespread, "I can't promise that we'll still be tapering-off next week. Some could trickle in," Thomas said.

"But I think it is positive that the number of new hospitalizations has fallen dramatically. I mean usually after it starts to decline you still see flu circulating for another month of so," she explained.

About 4.5 percent of people who turned up at clinics around the state this week had flu-like symptoms — a slight increase over last week.

The state considers the flu season to have ended when that segment is about one percent.

— Kristian Foden-Vencil, Oregon Public Broadcasting

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