Historical society director announces resignation

After two years forging a new direction for the Southern Oregon Historical Society, executive director Allison Weiss is stepping down.

Weiss said her reasons for leaving include the inability for her husband to find a permanent post as elementary school teacher in the area and her desire to be closer to her family on the East Coast.

Weiss will stay through the end of August while she trains an interim director, whose name hasn't been released yet.

SOHS will conduct a nationwide search for a replacement executive director, a position which currently pays $50,000 a year.

Her main accomplishment is steering SOHS through overwhelming budget problems while trying to focus its efforts on its substantial collection of artifacts rather than on historical buildings in Jacksonville.

Weiss helped reopen the research library in Medford as SOHS consolidated all its efforts into the J.C. Penney building downtown.

"The historical society isn't the buildings," Weiss said. "The historical society is the collection."

— Damian Mann

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