Historic maps get second viewing

If you weren't able to check out the huge display of old local maps on display to the public last month in Phoenix, you will have another opportunity this week.

Because of the amount of interest in the exhibit, veteran land surveyor Roger Roberts is holding another free public viewing of the historic documents.

The event will be from 5 o 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday in the former Rogue Valley Genealogical Society library building, 95 Houston Road, Phoenix.

A local surveyor for about four decades, including 14 years as the Jackson County surveyor, Roberts, 68, has collected more than 3,000 maps over the years.

About 250 of his old maps will be displayed on walls in the building with another 350 laid out on tables. They include orchard maps, mining surveys, railroad maps and other reference maps, some going back more than 100 years.

Many of his maps came from the Boyden family, whose patriarch, C.Z. Boyden, began surveying in Jackson County in 1923.

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