Hear poetry, prose and music

Lawson Fusao Inada, Oregon's fifth poet laureate, will read poems along with other local poets at “This One, That One.”

Selections of poetry, prose and music will be presented at 2 p.m., at Bellview Grange, 1050 Tolman Creek Road, Ashland. Inada will read three poems from his “Just Intonations,” and Jennie May Donnell, Maelagh Baker and Andrea King will read short, comedic poems by Alicia Ostriker and selections from the anthology “Leaning Into the Wind: Women Write from the Heart of the West.” A trio of regional musicians will play live music.

Tickets cost $15 or $20, $10 for seniors and students, and may be purchased at www.theatreconvivo.com or by calling 541-415-0394.

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