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If friendships are one of life’s treasures then women are remarkable treasure hunters. We make friends at work, school, on the playground, at the supermarket and at church. But what about his friends? Can your sweetie’s best buddies be your friends, too? Amid the bustle at Ashland’s Growers and Crafters Market we hunted for the answer: How do you make his friends your friends?

Wendy Hood
I normally feed them. I cook them a nice meal. I’m a chatty person and I’ve traveled a lot, so I can make friends quickly.

Chantel Suehring
I think the best thing is finding out what their wives’ interests are. How do they relate to their own spouses and what their common interests are together. Socializing as couples is a joy in life that a person shouldn’t go without.

Just by relaxing into the relationship and realizing you’re in it. Soften to the whole process. His friends are part of the package and if you don’t like them you may be in the wrong situation.

Gen Smith
Having been married for 35 years, I’ve been very fortunate that many of my friends and their significant others are friends with my husband. It’s not always the women that become friends first. I feel fortunate that it’s worked that way in my life.

Jan Chambers
We have a 10 year difference in age and yes, we do have friends together. But we have to find friends where the wife is younger, so we can relate.

Iris Milan
We’ve been married 51 years. I tend to be the more gregarious person. I like having people over, but I’ll ask people to go for a walk or to see a play. It’s interesting to find out what people have done in their past. Sometimes I just talk about the things they are interested in.

Deborah Holden
My partner and I spend most of our time together. If he has a friend, I like to be flexible. Wine-tasting is our favorite thing to do with friends. But when it comes to watching sports, I say no.

Beth Heller
Yes, I try to make a connection. There’s one man in Mark’s men’s group who walks with him, and he visits with me beforehand. Through the years we’ve found common interests and I’m now friends with his wife.

Rebekah Davis
In my relationship we’re all already friends. I do give my partner a hard time, in a good natured way, about going off to shoot darts with his buddies.

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