Greif, McGeary lead poll taken by Oregon State Bar

Local attorneys chose Lisa Greif and Doug McGeary as their preferences for the next Jackson County Circuit Court judges in an Oregon State Bar poll released Tuesday.

The bar sent 327 ballots to Jackson County attorneys during the first week of April; 205 ballots were returned.

Polls closed Monday evening.

Defense attorney Lisa Greif took the top spot for Position 8, retiring Judge William Purdy's seat, with 118 votes.

"I think it's just indicative of my reputation in the legal community," Greif said. "It shows there are a lot of attorneys who think I'm the right person for the job."

Doug McGeary came in first among three candidates vying for Position 6, retiring Judge Rebecca Orf's seat, with 110 votes.

"I'm excited and honored by my peers' response. I'm proud I've earned their vote. I've worked hard," said McGeary.

McGeary said he sent floral bouquets to local attorneys to remind them to vote.

"You can send an e-mail or you can send a nice bouquet. It was nothing more than a reminder. And I think it shows I'm a person with a sense of humor," McGeary said.

McGeary's opponents, Jackson County District Attorneys John Norton and Tim Barnack, garnered 71 and 23 votes respectively.

"For a prosecutor, my 71 votes is a real victory," Norton said. "It shows I'm the legitimate, respected candidate out of the D.A.'s office."

Barnack said who wins a judicial seat in the May election will depend upon Jackson County voters.

"The voters make the decision who their judge is, not a small group of lawyers," Barnack said.

Of Greif's opponents, Medford attorney Tom Dzieman captured 35 votes; Justice of the Peace Joe Charter received 34 votes; and Medford attorney Paul L. Henderson garnered 18.

Henderson praised Greif's abilities and said she "has a lot of support from the judges in the courtroom." But he agreed with Barnack's voting assessment.

"Ultimately, the voters have the last say," Henderson said.

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Correction: A headline included a misspelling of Doug McGeary's name in the original version of this story. This version has been corrected.

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