Grants Pass council will air issues tonight

Four of five Grants Pass City Council members targeted for recall will air their case in front of live and television audiences tonight.

The meeting, moderated by Pete Belcastro, begins at 7 p.m. in the Ann Basker Auditorium, 604 N.W. Sixth St. It will be televised on RVTV Channel 14.

The council members challenged the three chief petitioners of the recall — Dan Runyon, Mike Slagle, and Jay Jones — to a debate, but they declined.

Members of Support Our Council, the group that organized the debate, said if the petitioners do not attend their allegations will be read and the four council members will be allowed to respond.

Council President Bill Kangas and council members Rob Pell, Lisa Berger, Mark Townes and Ward Warren are the subject of the recalls.

Berger will not participate in the event. If all five council members took part, the gathering would be considered a quorum of the council.

— Grants Pass Daily Courier

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