Government closes John's Peak areas

JACKSONVILLE — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has temporarily closed several areas in the Timbered Mountain off-highway vehicle area commonly known as John’s Peak.

The emergency closure is to protect soil, water and fisheries resources that are being “adversely impacted” by off-highway vehicle use and to protect public safety on Forest Creek County road, officials said.

The BLM is closing 1,524 acres of the northeastern portion of the Timbered Mountain area because of erosion. The area is immediately west of Jacksonville.

The Bunny Meadows site and 200 acres of public lands in the immediate area also are being closed to off-highway vehicle riding and camping. Bunny Meadows is on Forest Creek Road roughly six miles southwest of Jacksonville.

“At this time, off-highway vehicle loading and off-loading will still be allowed in a designated area at the Bunny Meadows site,” said John Gerritsma, BLM field manager for the Ashland Resource Area, in a prepared statement.

Off-highway vehicles may use BLM road 38-3W-14.0 to access trails and roads to the west of Bunny Meadows on BLM-administered lands, he said.

— Paul Fattig

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