Got a Sno-Park permit?

If you’re heading for the mountains to play in the snow, remember to get your Sno-Park permit.

The permits are required to be displayed in the windshield of all vehicles that are parked in designated winter recreation parking areas. Fees from the permits are used to clear snow from the parking areas.

The permits are available in three forms: a one-day permit for $3; three consecutive days for $7; and a full-season permit for $20.

The permits are required at the Mount Ashland ski area, and other Oregon downhill ski areas, as well as the parking areas for most cross-country ski trails. The annual permits are also valid in other states that issue similar permits, including Washington, Idaho and California.

A map of permit areas is available at

Permits are available at DMV offices and the Mount Ashland ski area, as well as selected retail stores such as Medford’s Blackbird.

Oregon State Police regularly patrol Sno-Park zones, and it’s cheaper to buy a permit than take your chances that you won’t be ticketed. There’s a $30 fine if you’re cited by OSP.

On Saturday, Dec. 18, OSP troopers cited more than 250 vehicles for violation of the Sno-Park permit law in the Mount Hood area, according to a press release from the Oregon Department of Driver and Motor Vehicle Services.

Troopers also frequently seen checking for permits at the Mount Ashland parking lot.

— Bill Kettler

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