GoodBean and Caldera brew up an exclusive deal

Something was brewing when the owners of GoodBean and Caldera got together Monday morning.

GoodBean owner Mike Kell and Caldera Brewing owner Jim Mills were looking over the beer maker's soon-to-open Clover Lane site in Ashland when the conversation turned to coffee — more specifically, beer made with elements of GoodBean coffee.

Caldera was looking for a coffee to serve its pub clients and GoodBean is gearing up to serve beer and wine at its Hillcrest Road location in Medford. A quick handshake scored an exclusive hook-up for a GoodBean Coffee brown ale, along with GoodBean coffee, on the Caldera menu, while Caldera will be the lone beer brand at the coffee shop.

"This is bigger than selling some coffee," said Kell, who has operated a coffee business for 23 years. "Here you have Caldera, and GoodBean, two high-profile local producers, and two strands are stronger than one. I said we should do something together, highlighting our strengths."

"I told Jim we're considering offering beer and wine and asked if Caldera would be interested in being our exclusive brand," Kell said. "He put out his hand and we shook."

GoodBean currently closes its Medford location at 6 p.m., but Kell anticipates extending business hours substantially when beer and wine service begins this summer.

"Being right next to RoxyAnn Winery lends itself nicely to a beer and wine combination and we can complement one another," said Kell, who is also considering the possibilities at GoodBean's Jacksonville location.

— Greg Stiles

Read more in the Mail Tribune Wednesday.

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