Golden resigns as talk-show host

After it became public Wednesday that he is considering a run for the U.S. Senate, Jeff Golden on Thursday morning abruptly quit his job as talk-show host of the popular “Jefferson Exchange” on Jefferson Public Radio with an on-air announcement in the final minutes.

In a talk with Executive Director Ron Kramer after the show, the two agreed “it was the right choice,” said Kramer. “He’s indicated he’s considering running for office, so there was no way, even though Jeff has always been fair and impartial, that he could maintain that appearance. It would have been unfair to our listeners.”

The show will continue, said Kramer, with interim hosts Geoff Riley of KDRV-TV and SOU Associate Provost Paul Steinle. Others will also serve as interim hosts until JPR figures out the long-term picture, Kramer said.

Golden, 57, told his audience, “I think JPR owes it to its listeners and members to avoid giving advantages of any kind to possible political candidates, and four hours of airtime every day is plainly an advantage. In addition, the Jefferson Exchange host has to be free to go wherever the conversation leads without concern about a perceived conflict of interest.

“After recent stories about my potential candidacy appeared in print, I noticed I was editing my on-air comments to stay within professional standards. That just won’t work.”

— John Darling

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