Gold Hill write-ins don't want council jobs

Neither of two Gold Hill residents named via write-in votes to fill two vacancies on the City Council plan to accept the appointments.

Gus Wolf, a former Gold Hill mayor, received eight write-in votes on 53 ballots cast in the May 18 primary election. Cheryl Joseph, a longtime community volunteer, received six. A third resident, David Butts, collected five write-in votes.

Dozens of individuals received one, two or three votes each.

Wolf, who retired from city politics more than a year ago after nearly two decades in public service, said he would decline the nomination for similar reasons as stated when he left the council: to focus on his business and family.

Joseph said she, too, would focus on existing commitments.

"I'm not going to accept the position," Joseph said.

Official election results are up to two weeks away, as elections workers continue to verify voter signatures before tallies can be verified.

Under election law, the seats do not automatically default to others named on ballots. City officials may opt to offer the seats to others named in the election, others not named or to leave the seats vacant and wait for a future election.

The vacancies were created by th resignation of Kathleen Price, who moved from Gold Hill last winter, and Judi Holdeman, who resigned in April.

Election results:

— Buffy Pollock, for the Mail Tribune

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