Gold Hill votes in interim mayor, recalled council member

GOLD HILL — A longtime City Council member will be Gold Hill's next mayor, and a once-recalled council member soon will be back on the job.

Gus Wolf, who also has served as interim mayor since the former mayor resigned last year, garnered 116 votes, 81 percent of the balloting, for the mayor's job. Write-in candidates collected 27 other votes.

Kathleen Price, recalled from her council job last year, will take one of three open City Council seats after collecting 84 votes tonight. Her new term will expire in 2010.

Voters cast 103 votes for write-in candidates for another seat with a term expiring in 2010 and 53 votes for write-in candidates for a seat with a term expiring at the end of this year.

Although no one filed for either seat, residents Donna Silva and Cathy Swick campaigned as write-in candidates for the jobs.

It was unclear tonight how soon winners would be announced.

Price said she was happy about the opportunity to return to the council.

"I put my whole heart in this position," she said. "I am a strong woman and I have proven that with all the opposition I have faced.

"Now that I've been vindicated, I will keep all my promises that I made and I will always do the right thing. I can promise the citizens of Gold Hill that I won't let them down."

— Buffy Pollock

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