Gold Hill says no take-backs for council member

GOLD HILL — Only one week after resigning from the City Council saying he didn't have the time to focus properly on the role, Scott Baker says his constituents have asked him to stick things out.

City officials, however, say Baker might not have the option based on the city charter and an opinion from City Attorney Steve Rich.

Baker, who resigned Nov. 13 because he couldn't focus "wholeheartedly" on his role on the council, said he was told by City Recorder Mary Goddard that he could easily rescind his decision to resign if he so chose.

"People asked me not to resign, so I just decided I'll stick it out until the first of the year," he said. "It's not me. It's everybody else who wants me to stay."

Baker, who served for just one year after being elected, was aware of the city attorney's opinion that the city charter does not allow for resignations to be "taken back," but said he'd be attending Monday's council meeting to find out if fellow council members would allow him to reverse his resignation.

Goddard confirmed Baker's request for his resignation to be rescinded but declined to comment further. She said council members would make a final decision on Baker's resignation.

Councilman Gus Wolf said the council's "hands are tied" on the matter.

"We got a legal opinion from our attorney and he can't take it back according to our charter, which is what we should've been following all along," Wolf said.

Wolf said the council's options were to advertise Baker's now vacant seat and appoint someone to fill it or to wait for an election to be held.

Baker's resignation came one week after an election to replace recalled Councilwoman Kathleen Price and just days after an accident involving a public works vehicle. Baker said he'd been personally involved in following up with the accident, an action which the city's public works director criticized as unnecessary.

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