Gold Hill cancels meeting tonight

GOLD HILL — A town hall meeting set for today to hash out the future of the city’s police department and insurance coverage has been canceled.

Meeting facilitator and Councilwoman Judi Holdeman said Monday that pertinent information related to both issues had not been ironed out in time to warrant a community meeting.

City officials had scheduled the meeting to gauge citizen response to a possible surcharge, discuss the pros and cons of keeping their police department and talk about insurance coverage, which is at risk of cancellation.

Longtime Councilman Gus Wolf said last week that budget committee members had been told that maintaining a police department, which it cannot do without implementing a surcharge, would ensure non-renewal of the city’s insurance.

City recorder Mary Goddard said the city had filed an application for renewal with City County Insurance Services but had not received it yet. A budget message by Goddard stated that the city anticipates paying for a police department for the coming fiscal year.

A memo addressed to Mayor Dan Morris from CCIS Executive Director Noel Klein outlines “continuing reservations about renewing liability coverage for the city and provides notice of possible non-renewal for FY (fiscal year) 2007-2008.”

Klein, who has not returned phone calls by the Mail Tribune, wrote that renewal of the city’s insurance would hinge on “all members of the City Council functioning as a mature governing body” and “efforts being focused on leading the community towards an acceptable resolution of how local law enforcement services will be provided in the future.”

Holdeman maintained that no decisions had been made regarding the fate of the police department. Mayor Dan Morris was unavailable for comment on Monday.

- Buffy Pollock

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