Go on, crow

If you've got what it takes to make a really fowl noise, get thee to Rogue River this weekend.

It's Rooster Crow weekend in the little town to the north, and that means crowing contests for roosters and for humans, plus all sorts of other fun.

The namesake events, the crows, are this afternoon at the Rogue River Elementary School field. Humans crow at 2 p.m, and then the roosters get at it at 2:30 p.m. Farmers from around Oregon and Northern California head to Rogue Rivers to let their roosters crow before enthusiastic crowds. The rooster with the most crows in 30 minutes wins.

Also planned as part of the event: walks and runs, a parade (10 a.m. today), arts and crafts, food booths, a quilt show, music and a car show.

Details: www.mailtribune.com/tempo.

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