Gas prices continue to climb

AAA reported today that the national average for regular unleaded gas surged 20 cents in the past week to $3.38, while Oregon's average jumped 13 cents to $3.48.

Pump prices are at their highest levels ever for this time of year.

Last Friday alone, the national average shot up 6 cents — the fifth largest one-day price increase in the past decade.

Market watchers continue to be uneasy about turmoil in the Middle East and the possibility that political unrest in Libya could spread to other oil-exporting nations, AAA reported.

Crude oil is trading at more than $98 per barrel, up from $93 a week ago and $84 two weeks ago. Last week, crude skyrocketed to $103, but settled back down below $100 per barrel after OPEC calmed the markets somewhat by indicating it would increase production to make up for any reduced output. But oil prices will remain very volatile due to the changing political landscape in that part of the world, a press release from AAA reported.

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