Katie Littleton of RVSC Fusion prepares to advance the ball during a 2-0 victory over FC Auzzuri of Yuba City, Calif. - Larry Stauth Jr.

Fusion makes noise on Day 2 of Cup

The enormous boom box, propped up on the shoulder of a Fusion player, instantly turned heads as the Rogue Valley Soccer Club squad made its way toward Field 10 at U.S. Cellular Community Park.

"People see it and are like, 'Wow what's that?'" Fusion striker Mackenzie Krieser said. "That's our boom box. That's our warm-up motivation. Some teams laugh at us, some teams don't. They will see how we are when we get on the field. You don't ever want to misjudge a team before you play them."

It was a fitting arrival for the local group of U19 division soccer players, who made noise all day long at the Rogue Valley Cup tournament on Sunday.

Krieser and Ashland's Riley Smith each netted goals as the Fusion defeated FC Auzzuri, from Yuba City, Calif., in their first match of the day. Fusion, which went 2-0 on Day 1, later defeated Tahoe Altitude, 2-0, to seal a spot in today's title game. They'll face Nevada Pride at 10 a.m.

The Fusion is a compilation of mostly current juniors from North Medford, South Medford, Ashland, Crater, Eagle Point, Phoenix, Rogue River and St. Mary's.

Shielded by a collection of dogged defenders, the unblemished home team derailed most every FC Auzzuri strike, allowing its offense plenty of opportunities to attack. In the 18th minute, Smith gathered an in-box cross from Krieser and quickly scored.

"Right place, right time," head coach Phil Littleton said.

Krieser — who had just moments earlier drawn a foul after taking a hard tumble — recovered on Fusion's next offensive possession to score on a silk-smooth touch pass in the 40th minute.

"You just have to pop up and come back from that stuff," said the St. Mary's junior forward, who was the District 6 player of the year. "I think what drives me is how much I want to win."

Coach Littleton praised the defensive efforts of Lindsay Barnum, Michele Benitez, Malia Charter, Danielle Green and Amber Parker, who did not allow a shot on goal in their first game.

Krieser came close to scoring several times in the first half against FC Auzzuri, while Smith, Katie Littleton, Jesse Fricke and Carolyn Thomas all placed shots on goal in the second half.

Krieser and Kayla Burns both netted goals against the Altitude, with Burns and Littleton making the assists. Goalkeeper Gina Barbieri recorded three saves, and Annika Hearn had two saves in the crucial win.

The Fusion finished 10-0 in an Oregon Youth Soccer Association league earlier this year.

"We have a lot of people out there from different schools," Krieser said. "To blend like this and all have the desire to win is a good thing.

"We are getting better, Rogue Valley Soccer Club is getting better, and people will have to start having more respect for us."

In the boys U19 title match today, RVSC Arsenal will play Malibu FC at 10 a.m. at North Medford's Hoffbuhr Field.

Sunday's Results


U19 — RVSC Southern Oregon 2, RYSL Kaos Wolfpack 0; RVSC Jah Craigelemithers 2, BUSC Lambert 1; RVSC Arsenal 3, Sagebrush SC Tsunami 2; RVSC Centaurs 1, Malibu FC 0; MRYSC United 2, GPYSC Knutsman 0; STSC Tahoe Ice 1, Diablos 0

Championship Game: RVSC Arsenal vs. Malibu FC

Consolation Game: MRYSC United vs. STSC Tahoe Ice

U17 — Atlas Academy 2, RVSC Fuego 0; Malibu FC 1, FCSS United 0; Eastside FC Red Kovats 2, JLYSL Bay Oaks Gold 1; RVSC Fuego 2, ASC ReUnited 0; Atlas Academy 2, FC Phoenix Los Pumas 1; Malibu FC 2, West Side Metros Prestige 0; Atlas Academy 9, RVSC Blue Steel 0; Atlas Academy 5, ASC ReUnited 1; JLYSL Bay Oaks Gold 2, FC Phoenix Los Pumas 2

Championship Game: Atlas Academy vs. RVSC Fuego

U16 — Championship Game: Eastside FC Red Kovats vs. JLYSL Bay Oaks Gold

U15 — SSSC Jaguars 2, North Valley United Valor 1; Sagebrush SC Zephyrs 4, FC Azzurri Eagles 0; RVSC Barcelona 2, AFC Arsenal 0; RVSC Barcelona 4, North Valley United Valor 2; SSSC Jaguars 2, FC Azzurri Eagles 0; Sagebrush SC Zephyrs 2, AFC Arsenal 0; FC Azzurri Eagles 2, North Valley United Valor 0; Sagebrush SC Zephyrs 2, RVSC Barcelona 1; SSSC Jaguars 1, AFC Arsenal 1; Sagebrush SC Zephyrs 5, North Valley United Valor 0; RVSC Barcelona 3, SSSC Jaguars 0; AFC Arsenal 1, FC Azzurri Eagles 1

Championship Game: Sagebrush SC Zephyrs vs. RVSC Barcelona

Consolation Game: SSSC Jaguars vs. FC Azzurri Eagles

U14 — RVSC Shockwave 5, BUSC Spartans 0; STSC Tahoe United 5, ASC Fuerte 0; EGSC Caldwell 4, RSA Braves 0; KUFC Mutiny 4, GPYSC TNT 1; ISC International Portugal 4, RVSC Shockwave 0; STSC Tahoe United 4, THUSC Cobalt 1; EGSC Caldwell 4, SMSC Atomics 2

Championship Game: STSC Tahoe United vs. EGSC Caldwell

Consolation Game: ISC International Portugal vs. KUFC Mutiny

U13 — GPYSC Flames 2, RVSC Lightning 0; TRSC Nightmare 1, SMSC Coyotes 1; RYSL Kaos Vortex 2, GPYSC Flames 1

Championship Game: RVSC Lightning vs. RYSL Kaos Vortex

U12 GOLD — Atlas Academy Red 5, EMFC Boca Juniors 3; RVSC Adrenaline 1, MRYSL Black 0; GPYSC Torrent 0, EMFC Boca Juniors 0

Championship Game: RVSC Adrenaline vs. Atlas Academy Red

U12 SILVER — Orang Rush SC Nike 5, BHSL United 0; SSSC Jaguars 4, BUSC Veloce 0; MRYSL Red 2, KUFC Mutiny 0; Rebels 3, TRSC Terminators 2; RVSC Arsenal 3, BHSL United 0; SSSC Jaguars 2, ASC United 0

Championship Game: Oregon Rush SC Nike vs. SSSC Jaguars

Consolation Game: MRYSL Red vs. BUSC Veloce

U11 — RVSC Royals 5, GPYSC United 2; RVSC Blues 7, SMSC Strikerz Two 2; SMSC Strikerz One 3, GPYSC United 1

Championship Game: RVSC Blues vs. SMSC Strikerz One

U10 — MRYSL Tsunami 2, ASC United 0; ASC Green Grizzliez 5, GPYSC Adrenaline 0

Championship Game: ASC Green Grizzlie vs. MRYSL Tsunami


U19 — Nevada Pride 1, RVSC Siege 0; RVSC Fusion 2, FC Auzzuri 0; Humboldt United 2, FC Auzzuri 0; Renegades 3, RVSC Ninja 1; RVSC Kamikaze Krew 4, STSC Tahoe Altitude 0; Sagebrush SC Storm 1, RVSC Ninja 0; RVSC Fusion 2, Tahoe Altitude 0; Renegades 3, RVSC Siege 1; RVSC Kamikaze Krew 1, Humboldt United 0

Championship Game: RVSC Fusion vs. Nevada Pride

U17 — GPYSC Nitro 3, Sagebrush SC Xtreme 0; North Valley United 6, RVSC Revolution 0; ASC Supernova 0, VUSA Heart Breakers 0; Oregon Rush Girls Nike 3, RSA Revolution 0; RVSC Pride 2, Sagebrush SC Xtreme 1; Oregon Rush Girls Nike 2, RVSC Pride 0; GPYSC Nitro 1, RSA Revolution 0; North Valley United 1, ASC Supernova 0; RVSC Wildcats 3, RVSC Revolution 0

Championship Game: North Valley United vs. RVSC Wildcats

Consolation Game: Oregon Rush Girls Nike vs. GPYSC Nitro

U15 — MRYSL Mad River United 2, SMSC Wildcats 0; GPSC United 6, CSC Incline Tahoe Ice 0; CV Zephyr 3, SOSA Alliance 0; RVSC Dream Team 3, SMSC Wildcats 0

Championship Game: RVSC Dream Team vs. GPSC United

Consolation Game: CV Zephyr vs. MRYSL Mad River United

U14 — GPSC Quicksilver 4, ASC Intensity 1; Sagebrush SC Reno 1, Eugene SS Cheetahs 0; SOSA White Lightning 1, RVSC Ammunition 0; BUSC Edge 1, RVSC Power Strikers 0; Cyclone 2, ASC Intensity 2; Sagebrush SC Reno 2, RVSC Cheetahs 0

Championship Game: GPSC Quicksilver vs. BUSC Edge

Consolation Game: Cyclone vs. RVSC Power Strikers

U13 — RVSC Venom 4, SMSC Avalance 0; FC Samoa 2, FC Azzurri 1; GPYSC Storm 3, VUSA Heart Breakers 3; RVSC Blackhawks 4, FC Samoa 1; RVSC Venom 2, GPYSC Storm 0; FC Azzurri 1, SMSC Avalance 0; RVSC Venom 2, GPYSC Storm 0

U12 SILVER — BUSC Forza 3, SOSA Red Hotz 1; Santa Rosa United Frost 2, GPSC Azzurri 1; BUSC Forza 5, Tahoe Storm 0; Spanish Springs SC Jaguars 2, RVSC Aftershock 0; ERSC Eel River Rapids 2, RVSC Strikers 2; Santa Rosa United Frost 1, ASC Ruckus 0; BUSC Forza 3, SOSA Red Hotz 1

Championship Game: Santa Rosa United Frost vs. RVSC Strikers

Consolation Game: Spanish Springs SC Jaguars vs. ERSC Eel River Rapid

U12 GOLD — Oregon Rush Nike Girls 5, RSA Tigers 1; EGEFC Everton Girls 1, RVSC Surge 0

Championship Game: Oregon Rush Nike vs. EGEFC Everton Girls

U11 — RVSC Academy Yellow 2, RVSC Academy Green 1; SSSC Jaguars 4, RVSC Academy Orange 1; GPYSC Force 2, SMSC Arctic Cats 1; RVSC Academy Green 3, RVSC Academy Orange 1

Championship Game: RVSC Academy Yellow vs. RVSC Academy Green

Consolation Game: SSSC Jaguars vs. RVSC Academy Orange

U10 — Santa Rosa United Tsunami 2, ASC FC Ashland 1; RVSC Patridge 1, GPYSC Strikerz 0

Championship Game: Santa Rosa United Tsunami vs. RVSC Patridge

Goalie Wars



U10— 1, Jakob Blacksmith; 2, Christian Pendelton.

U11 — 1, Jonah Michael; 2, Tre Jones.

U12 — 1, Kevin Luther; 2, Tyler Caster.

U13 — 1, Willy Nance; 2, Tito Rios.

U14 — 1, Zack Kohls; 2, James Goheen.

U15 — 1, Eddie Reyes; 2, Rosendo Reyes.

U16 — 1, Kody Ramsey; 2, Alonzo Garcia.

U17 — 1, Jose Chavez; 2, Will Steiner.

U19 — 1, Fernando Bravo; 2, Enrique Asencicio


U10 — 1, Maria Dvoracek; 2, Maleah Miller.

U11 — 1, Gretchen Berkey; 2, Lydia Vandervaarte.

U12 — 1, Katie Hastings, Stefanie Pehle; 2, Emily Reelman, Brooke Johnson.

U13 — 1, Sammantha Tipton; 2, Shelley Hickman.

U14 — 1, Hayley Huss; 2, Alex Haug.

U15 — 1, Brittany Rice; 2, Morgan Hanson.

U16/17 — 1, Brittany Coulter; 2, Alisha Mendoza.

U19 — 1, Lindsey Namany; 2, Jasmin Figuerora.

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