Former editor checks in with court

Former editor checks in with court

Former Ashland Daily Tidings Editor Andrew Scot Bolsinger supplied Marion County court officials with a new address and phone number Wednesday just as they were considering whether to recommend revocation of his bail on felony sex abuse charges because of possible violations of his release agreement.

A Marion County Circuit Court judge could decide as early as today whether Bolsinger should face any sanctions for failing to keep court officials informed of his whereabouts while awaiting trial, court officials said.

Bolsinger late Wednesday morning telephoned and sent a letter by fax to Marion County Circuit Court Manager Jerry Frost suppling a San Francisco address and new telephone number as his contact information.

Bolsinger's former contact information with the court included a disconnected telephone number and the Healdsburg, Calif., address of his grandmother, who twice told the Mail Tribune last week that he was not living there and she did not know where he was.

Bolsinger's call came as Frost was in the midst of confirming a Mail Tribune report that Bolsinger could not be found at addresses and telephone numbers he supplied the court in January and February.

Frost said he will make notations of his findings and forward them, along with Bolsinger's criminal file, to Marion County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Guimond, who is now presiding over Bolsinger's sex-abuse case.

"He'll make some determination whether he's in violation of his release agreement or not," Frost said.

Bolsinger did not return telephone calls Wednesday seeking comment.

In the letter, Bolsinger states that he and his wife, Lori, were living in the Bay Area, that his wife has a job there and that he is "close" to getting a job in San Francisco.

Typically, under terms of the release agreement, Bolsinger would be required to receive permission from the court before moving.

"That's the norm," Frost said.

Failing to do so could lead to an arrest warrant, possible prosecution for contempt of court and loss of the $25,000 cash bail Bolsinger posted, according to his release agreement.

Bolsinger and his attorney, Larry Roloff of Eugene, told Frost they believed he had verbal permission during a previous court appearance to move to San Francisco, Frost said.

Frost said he plans to review audiotape from that hearing to verify those claims.

If he did get verbal permission, Bolsinger was still required to update his phone number and address with the court, Frost said.

However, Bolsinger told Frost that he did not do that until he read Wednesday's Mail Tribune article about the discrepancies in information he supplied to the court, Frost said.

"The next issue is the judge's determination if he has authority to live in San Francisco or not," Frost said.

Bolsinger's new address is for an apartment in downtown San Francisco.

In his letter to Frost, Bolsinger claims the Mail Tribune "harassed" his mother and grandmother, and "took their unwillingness to comment to the press (on the advice of my attorney) and twisted it to suggest I was not properly complying with the terms of my bail."

Bolsinger, 41, pleaded not guilty to four counts of second-degree sexual abuse, stemming from alleged sex with a female teenager he met while teaching at a Salem-area academy in 2000.

He was fired Feb. 5 from the Daily Tidings, which is a sister paper of the Mail Tribune.

Ashland police also are investigating both Bolsingers on possible theft and racketeering charges stemming from a string of failed or ailing downtown Ashland businesses. They include the closed Pipon's restaurant as well as Lithia Stationery, The Main Source print shop and Jefferson State Pub, which has re-opened under previous owners with no ties to Bolsinger.

The Bolsingers have not been charged in connection with the businesses, through which they have accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts, including Internal Revenue Service liens and penalties for failing to pay employees' payroll taxes.

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