Forest roads gated

Gates on some roads on the west side of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest have been closed for the year as the district attempts to prevent spread of Port Orford Cedar root disease.

Forest officials said in a news release that the disease is spread by trucks and off-road vehicles traveling through the forest in wet weather. Annual closures usually begin around Oct. 1 and extend through May 31; dry weather delayed this year's closure.

On the Gold Beach Ranger District, the Snow Camp Road (Forest Road 1376), a popular back road between Brookings and Gold Beach, is closed. In addition, Forest Roads 3318-310, 3318-240, 1703-110, 1703-150, 1703-190, 1703-spur, 1107-220 are also closed. Numerous gate closures also are in effect on the Wild Rivers and Powers ranger districts.

Port Orford Cedar root disease can kill all sizes of the trees, which are not actually cedars but cypress trees native to this part of Oregon.

— Staff reports

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