Floodplain forum tonight

Shady Cove is providing an opportunity tonight for river-side residents to find out more about floodplain rules.

The event is from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Playhouse 125 Chaparral Drive, and the Grange Hall at 145 Chaparral. It’s free.

Becca Croft, floodplain manager for Public Works Management, a company hired by the city in December to help bring property owners into compliance with federal floodplain regulations, is organizing the city-sponsored event.

"The intention is to provide a forum for residents of Shady Cove, and other interested parties, to come and ask their questions about floodplain issues," said Croft. "It's for everybody, especially the people who live in the floodplain who want to know how this situation affects them, and whether or not they have potential violations that could be taken care of before a future inspection."

The city's troubles began after a 2001 Federal Emergency Management Agency inspection identified 28 violating properties. Because 17 of those properties were still in violation at the end of last year, FEMA placed the city on probation Nov. 2.

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