Reader Paula Hammon sent in this photo of the fire. She says it was taken at the corner of Antioch and Dodge roads in Sams Valley. - Photo from Paula Hammon

Flames spread from Sams Valley house fire

A house fire in Sams Valley has spread into the wild lands, sending crews from various fire departments scrambling to corral the blaze.

A fire was reported at 14600 Antioch Road at about 2:40 p.m. and the flames leapt into the surrounding terrain, the Oregon Department of Forestry said.

Jackson County Fire District No. 3 responded to the fire engulfing a garage near the house, (this phrase has been corrected) while forestry crews headed to stop the potential wildfire. A helicopter dumped water on the blaze.

District 3 called firefighters to battle the Antioch Road fire, which came on the heels of a small field fire near Central Point, officials said.

— Anita Burke

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