February 26, 1914

No indictments were returned by the grand jury today, but further investigation was made into the alleged violations of the Blue Sky law, that was begun yesterday afternoon when it was discovered that one of the grand jury men had been a purchaser of stock in outside development projects under question. The grand jury is expected to finish its investigations this afternoon and bring its report and all indictments, if any, at the same time.

This afternoon the circuit court with Judge Cleeton of Portland on the bench began the trial of Nick Antone, an Italian charged with an unnatural crime.


Further developments in the case of William B. Buckner, fake highway engineer, who as "Lieutenant Marshall" was received with open arms and lavishly entertained by the people of Grants Pass when he promised to re-route the Pacific highway so as to leave Medford off the line, shows that he is an escapee from two state penitentiaries, where unexpired sentences hang over him, and is wanted by both the federal government and the state of Oregon for recent crimes.

Buckner four years ago was serving a twenty year term at Walla Walla prison and was among the prisoners employed under State Highway Engineer Bowlby. He acted as the rodman on one division of the work and picked up sufficient smattering of engineering to later convince the Grants Pass people that he was the real article — particularly when he agreed to eliminate Medford. Two years ago he escaped, and later was sentenced to a long term in the Utah penitentiary, from which he also escaped a few months since.

Coming to Portland, Buckner secured work on one of the surveying parties on the Columbia highway. When one of the party, who proved to be an ex-convict, decamped and was found to be a forger, Buckner was highly indignant and registered a complaint with the engineer in charge for being sent out with such a questionable character in the party.

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