February 23, 1913

"We'll make good. Work will without question begin on the construction of our proposed interurban trolley line within the time limit of 90 days fixed in our franchise. The preliminary work is proceeding very satisfactorily."

So declared M.T. Minney of the Minney Company, which was recently granted a franchise in this city for an electric trolley line, today, following the granting of a franchise by Ashland to the company by an overwhelming majority yesterday. The company still has about two months before actual construction work must start and there remains important detail and preliminary work to do before actual construction is undertaken.

"But beyond a doubt," states Mr. Minney, "the work of building the line will be under way within the time limit and once started the line between Medford and Ashland will be rushed to completion."

Mr. Minney branded many of the rumors that he had turned the franchises over to other parties as false and declared that his company still held them and that they do not contemplate turning them over.


Col. Philip Ray, "pilot of celebrities," is in Medford to make arrangements for the American tour of Bruce Gordon Kingsley, who has originated and made popular illustrated grand opera recitals and music travelogues.

Col. Ray was here for the U.S. marine band last year and states that while Mr. Kingsley is not well-known in the West, his work has attracted great attention in the east and Great Britain.

Mr. Kingsley was late organist of the Alexandria Palace, London, successor to the famous Frederick Archer. He is assisted by Anna Harper Mattram, dramatic soprano, and J. Penrose Wallace, autograph operator.


Mrs. Patrick Campbell, who has been seriously ill for some time, is reported on the road to recovery.

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