February 21, 1914

February 21, 1914

As a result of his recent bereavement, on the advice of physicians, E.W. Shapleigh has decided to retire for the present from management of his hardware business and has made arrangements to have a receiver appointed for his company, pending the sale of the business to certain eastern parties, who are expected to arrive in Medford in the near future. Mr. Shapleigh is threatened with a breakdown and desires to hold the business intact until its sale.

He has been in the hardware business in Medford for over two years and will in the future make his home on his ranch near Medford.

Much regret is expressed in the passing of the Shapleigh Hardware company into other hands, as both Mr. Shapleigh, the president, and Mr. Watson, the secretary, stand high in the community and the affairs of the company have at all times been conducted upon upright and honorable business principles. The company is thoroughly solvent and has enjoyed a good business since its inception.

Mr. Shapleigh and his family are so pleased with the valley, and particularly with Medford, as to desire to continue to make this city their home. Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Watson, mother and father-in-law of Mr. Shapleigh, have purchased a tract close to town where Mr. Shapleigh will board his two small children for the present.

The name of Frederick Preston Search is fast becoming a synonym for all that is perfect in the art of violincello playing, and his return to this country for a concert tour of fifty performances after an absence of a long period of study and public appearance abroad is heralded with delight. Perhaps no cellist in the world has had greater technical practice than Mr. Search, who for years has given from 10 to 14 hours daily to the most vigorous application to his instrument.

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