February 20, 1914

February 20, 1914

Recommending Beall & Co., road machinery contractors to the Multnomah county grand jury for indictment for attempted slander of County Judge F.L. Tou Velle, censuring A.P.A. fanatics for alleged acts of vandalism, commending the orchard clean-up campaign, recommending the abolition of the county pathologist's office and praising the county poor farm and county officials generally, the grand jury finished its labors Thursday evening and was discharged. The report reads as follows:

"We respectfully report that we have investigated all criminal matters brought to our attention and have returned true bills in five cases, not true bills in four others. Many other matters have been submitted to this jury which in our opinion were not the subject for the intervention of the criminal courts.

The Beall Scandal

"Some scandal attaching to the letting of the contract for the Pacific Highway sometime ago, was investigated by this jury and witnesses were brought from Portland. After fully investigating said matter we find that the county court has been outrageously libeled by the firm of Beall & Co. of Portland either for the purpose of blackmailing the county court into buying machinery or and materials from that concern or for the reason that being unable to meet the prices demanded by the county court they simply became disgruntled and attempted to impute dishonesty to the county judge. The evidence shows that one Beall then the president of this company caused to be inserted in the books of the company a charge against the Hon. F.L. Tou Velle for automobile tires and thereafter caused the said entry which purported to show that they ad been furnishing tires to Tou Velle to be exhibited with the intent to libel and blacken the character of Judge Tou Velle. By the admission of this concern, no order had ever been placed for such tires and said entry was wholly false and made knowingly and for the purpose of either blackmail or libel. The publication of this libel having occurred in Multnomah County, we are without jurisdiction to return an indictment, but we respectfully recommend that the portion of this report dealing with this subject be transmitted to the district attorney of that county with the recommendation that the matter be submitted to a grand jury there for the proper action.

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