Favorite Teacher

Scenic Middle School history teacher Jim Schroeder is Readers' Choice voters' Favorite Teacher for the second consecutive year.

Schroeder, 62, of Central Point, was a truck driver, mail deliverer and baseball card shop owner, among other things, before taking up teaching 14 years ago.

He says his ability to show history's relevance to the present is what captivates his students.

"Convincing the kids that everything that happened today is tomorrow's history is part of my approach," he says.

Schroeder reads the newspaper daily and selects articles for his students to read and discuss.

"They live in the now so what is old isn't as important to them," he says. "Their now is tomorrow's history, and I try to put that in historical context for them."

Other favorites: David Epperson, Crater High School, Central Point, and Dee Robino, Hoover Elementary, Medford (tie)

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