Carolyn and Kyle Atchison, right, root on the Oregon Ducks while Chandra York, left, cheers on the Oregon State Beavers at Donnelly's Sports Bar and Grill in Medford while watching Saturday’s Civil War game. Photo by Denise Baratta

Fans remained civil while their teams waged war

Carolyn Atchison danced into Donnelly's on Saturday sporting a University of Oregon Ducks headband and a pair of yellow-and-green pom-poms. The green and orange mob gathered at the sports bar greeted her with a barrage of cheers and boos.

Atchison turned to jeering Oregon State Beavers fans, flashed her pom-poms and issued a challenge.

"Go Ducks, I hope they kick the Beavers' butts today," she yelled.

And with that the 112th Civil War between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers began in Medford.

The scene at Donnelly's was nearly as anarchic as the game itself. Almost.

The Ducks scored a convincing 65-38 victory, seriously damaging Oregon State's chances of playing in the Rose Bowl.

With 54 total points scored in the first half, the bulk of them put up in the final three minutes of the second quarter, the laughs and taunts rarely let up.

David Stepp said he was pulling hard for the Ducks, but would not be crushed to see the Beavers representing the Pac-10 in the Rose Bowl.

"Yeah, I want to see the Ducks win, of course, but it's always nice to see any Oregon team do well," Stepp said.

His buddy Isaac Wilson, also a Ducks supporter, roots Pac-10 no matter which team heads to the big game against the Penn State Nittany Lions.

"If the Beavers want to win they need to prove themselves by getting past the Ducks," he said.

The action started early in the first half and never let up. Neither team could make a play on defense, leaving no lead safe.

Even when the Ducks returned an interception 40 yards for a score, the OU euphoria was tempered by a last minute touchdown by the Beavers.

Beavers fan Lyndsey Dunnevant of Medford enjoyed the raucous crowd, even though Ducks running back Jeremiah Johnson spent the first half trampling OSU's defense.

"It is more fun to come to a place like this and be around both Ducks and Beavers fans than to stay at home," she said.

Vicki Sanger was digging the scene, but the Beavers lackluster second quarter, in which they were out scored 20 to 10, was a concern.

"I will be really bummed if the Ducks ruin the Beavers Rose Bowl chance," she said.

The volume level reached new heights as the touchdowns piled up and the pitchers of Coors Light began to multiply.

"How can you miss that?!"

"Pass interference! C'mon!"

"Get him, get him, get him!"

"Goin' in, baby!"

Donald Crawford, 81, remembers a time when the clashes between the Ducks and Beavers were not so dramatic.

"They didn't used to be this good," he said. "It goes way back."

Atchison's Ducks loyalty did not keep her from embracing a group of Beavers fans parked in front of one of Donnelly's large flat-screen televisions. They traded barbs throughout the first half, but it seemed in good humor.

"I think this is awesome," Atchison said. "This game is good no matter what, man."

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