Julie Rees of Central Point shows off a tatoo made of graphics from the four Twilight books. Mail Tribune / Jim Craven - Jim Craven

Fans line up for 'Twilight' latest

Adorned in paraphernalia from the "Twilight" book and movie series including real tattoos depicting symbols from four book covers, Julie Rees, 52, basked in the hot sun at noon on Tuesday outside Medford's Tinseltown Theaters waiting to see the midnight premiere of the series' third and newest movie, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

The hit Twilight series consists of four books written by author Stephenie Meyer based on her original vampire romance novel released in 2005, titled "Twilight."

In 2008, the movie of "Twilight" was released followed by a second movie, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," released in 2009.

Rees was among the 100 or so people standing in line at Tinseltown to see the new "Eclipse" release or, for some, the trilogy of the three movies. Those waiting for "Eclipse" only had a long wait ahead — it wouldn't start until midnight.

Rees, who joined the line at 8:30 a.m., said she likes the books because "they're fun and they're easy reading." But she's not exactly impartial: She's seen the "Twilight" movie 40 times and read the book "Eclipse" five times.

Fans waiting in line crossed multiple generations.

"I started reading the books before any talk of the movie," said Medford resident Noelle Mailand, 17, a graduate of Rogue Valley Adventist Academy. "I've been to every single premiere."

Her fellow classmate, Joseph Tavarez, 18, of White City, had been in line since 3:30 a.m. to get good seats for the trilogy with friends joining him later throughout the day. He said about 15 people showed up by 5 a.m., with many people showing up within the last few hours before noon.

"There's just something about it that sucks you in," Mailand said. "There's something about it that makes you crave it."

"Twilight" fans do more than just watch the movies; they form "teams" in support of various characters in the shows. Mailand and her friends were on "Team Jacob," in support of Jacob Black, a werewolf and one of the of the main characters in the movie.

Black and Edward Cullen, a vampire, are the men in main character teenager Bella Swan's life as well as fan favorites.

"I want them both," said 17-year-old Kaylee Ball, a member of the neutral "Team Switzerland" that backs both Edward and Jacob. "I'm really obsessed."

She and her three friends had been waiting in line to see "Eclipse" since 6:30 a.m. and said they expected about five more people to show up on their team.

With school out and a warm summer evening, they predicted the line eventually would encircle the theater building.

Friends took shifts waiting in line while others left for take-out food. People brought ice chests, tents, chairs, blankets, water and parasols as they prepared to wait out the heat of the hot June sun.

Some of the fans have become fanatics, visiting the various Northwest locations in the book and movie series such as the towns of Forks, Wash., and Vancouver, B.C.

Kathi Brewer, 56, a grandmother from Trail, went to Forks, Wash., for vacation with her daughters because of the books. Brewer supported "Team Jacob" by wearing a baseball cap with the inscription, "I run with wolves."

Tickets for the premier and trilogy sold out fast in May, but people still came early to wait in line.

"It takes over our lives," 22-year-old Sami Wyatt said. "We're definitely Twi-hards."

"We come early to get good seats," 15-year-old Jackie Macias said. "We come just for fun to wait in line with friends and to hang out."

And then there's the movie to look forward to.

"It makes me feel happy and excited," said 21-year-old Melane Astell of Medford. "It's almost an adrenaline rush when you watch it."

Vera Westbrook is a reporting intern for the Mail Tribune.

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