Family escapes fire at home outside Eagle Point

An Eagle Point family lost most of its belongings, including a prized rifle collection, in a fire at its mobile home this morning.

Resident Randy Carothers, 48, and his 19-year-old son, Tony, were sleeping when they awoke to a burning smell coming from the laundry room of their home in the 600 block of Derby Road at about 6:30 a.m., Butte Falls Fire Chief Jeff Gorman said.

Randy Carothers tried to extinguish the fire in a wall behind the dryer, but the smoke and heat were too much, Gorman said. Both father and son escaped with their three dogs unharmed, he said.

"They lost everything except what they were able to get out of their house wearing," said Gorman.

About a third of the home was consumed by flames by the time the volunteer fire department arrived. "It's been a tough one," said Gorman, adding access was difficult because of a steep, narrow drive and because the home is up against a cut bank. Randy Carothers' wife, Lisa, 47, and their daughter Cori, 20, were not home at the time of the fire.

Lisa Carothers said this morning the family lost everything, including Christmas presents and a collection of 25 rifles, and the whereabouts of the family's cats are unknown. The family has fire insurance, she said.

Jackson County Fire District No. 4 responded to the blaze with two fire engines and a water tank, and Jackson County Fire District No. 3 responded with manpower from Eagle Point.

The Butte Falls Fire Department spent the morning working to put out remaining hot spots, Gorman said.

— Mandy Valencia

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