Esquivel outearns Howe in District 6 race

Esquivel outearns Howe in District 6 race

In the battle for the District 6 seat in the Oregon House of Representatives, state Rep. Sal Esquivel has raised about 35 percent more campaign money than his opponent Democrat Lynn Howe.

Since the beginning of the year, the Republican incumbent has raised $90,463, while Howe has garnered about $59,087 in contributions.

Esquivel also drew more contributions from corporations and special interest political action committees (PACs) than his Democratic opponent.

Howe reported more small, private contributions.

Both candidates have spent the majority of their campaign contributions on advertising, including print, radio and television.

Contributions of $1,000 and more:

  • Esquivel: Lodge PAC, $1,000; OrLoggers PAC, $1,000; Credit Union Legislative Action Fund, $1,500; Kroger, $1,000; Oregon Realtors PAC, $4,500; Oregon Auto Dealers PAC, $1,000; Portland General Electric Employee Candidate Assistance Fund, $2,000; Central Oregonians for Affordable Housing, $1,000; Oregon Local Grocery Committee, $1,000; Oregon Mortgage Brokers PAC, $1,000; Wal-Mart, $1,000; Liberty Mutual, $1,000; Friends of Andy Olson, $1,000; Trooper PAC, $1,000; Citizens To Elect Dennis Richardson, $1,500; Owner Operators of Oregon PAC, $1,000; Committee to Elect Gene Whisnant, $1,000; Oregon Truck PAC, $1,500; Ag PAC, $1,500; PacifiCorp, $2,000; UST Public Affairs, $2,500; Oregon Restaurant PAC, $1,000; Oregon Realtors PAC, $2,000; Associated Oregon Industries PAC, $1,000; Orloogers, $1,000; Oregon Bankers, $1,000; Oregon Local Grocery, $2,500.
  • Howe: UFCW Local 555, $2,000; UAW Region 5 Western States PAC, $1,000; Citizen Action for Political Education, $1,500; Paul Howe, $1,000; Women's Investment Network, $5,000; Committee to Elect Alan Bates, $1,000; UAW Region 5 Western States, $1,000; Miscellaneous contributions $100 or less, $1,275; IBEW Educational Committee, IBEW Local Union 659, $1,000; WIN-PAC No. 000283, $1,500; United Food & Commercial Workers Union, $1,000; self loan $1,000.

A full report of contributions and expenditures is available at

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