Eagle Point seeks 'here and now' items for time capsule

Time is growing short in Eagle Point. In just over a month, the city ends its centennial celebration of its founding by burying a time capsule.

City officials are asking residents and former residents to help fill it with interesting items that will tell future generations what Eagle Point was like in 2011.

"We're looking for things people think will have interest or value 25 years from now," said City Administrator Dave Hussell. "We want them to ask themselves, what would I want to look at and what do we think is important to us today? Particularly, what's important about Eagle Point today?"

On Feb. 11, 2012, officially 101 years after Eagle Point became a city, the capsule will be placed underground at the edge of Centennial Plaza and remain preserved and unopened until the year 2037.

"I want this to be a community project," Hussell said. "We purchased a capsule that has quite a bit of space in it so we want the community to step up and help us fill it."

The capsule measures 33 inches by 261/2; inches by 12 inches.

It will be sealed for 25 years and marked with an engraved stone that features an image of an eagle flying over Mount McLoughlin, Little Butte Creek and the Antelope Creek covered bridge that was moved to the city in 1987.

Two sets of dates are also included on the stone — the centennial years, 1911-2011, and the capsule's burial dates, 2012-2037.

City Recorder Dena Roberts is coordinating collection of donated items with the city's Economic Development Commission.

"The focus is here and now," Roberts said, "but we're interested in anything that would make someone look back and say, 'So that's what it was like back then.'"

She said she already has a great deal of historic information collected, including newspapers and pamphlets, but said she really hopes to get some everyday items that would say something about today.

"People don't even have to be from Eagle Point," she said. "We are focused on Eagle Point, but if someone from outside the city has information or items related to Eagle Point — well that's great. We certainly could use them."

If donors have interesting letters or written information that can be copied, Roberts urged them to keep their originals and just allow the copies to go into the time capsule.

"People can think about what we have now in the community," she said. "What kind of technology? What's going on? And what do we do for fun?"

To donate items, call Dena Roberts at Eagle Point City Hall, 541-651-4212, ext. 106.

Writer Bill Miller lives in Shady Cove. Reach him at newsmiller@live.com.

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