Eagle Point schools narrowly approve hiring out all food service

In a close vote, Jackson County School District No. 9 has approved having contractor Sodexo take over all food-service jobs in district schools.

Three board members voted yes on the plan, which the union representing school employees had protested. Two board members opposed the change.

Under the approved plan, nine full-time food-service management jobs will be cut Dec. 31, and those managers will be offered jobs with Sodexo at their current rate of pay and number of hours through the end of the school year. Sodexo already has a five-year contract with the district to provide meals and part-time kitchen employees at the schools.

The district said turning all kitchen work over to the company would save money in the long run and could improve communication in the cafeterias.

The union claimed that the proposal unfairly targeted classified employees and set a dangerous precedent for other workers in the district.

— Anita Burke

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