Eagle Point golf resort nears approval

EAGLE POINT — Civil plan approval is one of the two final steps before Ventura, Calif.-based developer R.W. Hertel & Sons will start "being fruitful and pounding nails" on the Inn at Eagle Point resort project, according to City Planner Bunny Lincoln.

The city approved shifting the zoning of about 10 acres of land within the Beaver Creek area of the Eagle Creek Golf Community last August to make way for the resort, which was part of the golf community's 1992 master site plan. The resort will feature 51 townhome units and a hotel with 71 units, 36 bungalows, a restaurant and full fitness, pool and massage facilities. It's scheduled to be completed in 2008.

"They're forging ahead full speed, but there's no activity at the site yet," says Lincoln.

Assuming plans are approved, the next step is a pre-construction conference with the city, developers and representatives from involved utility companies.

"We'll go over the parameters of what will be built on the site, which is obviously public property, and discuss what's needed for the project's public infrastructure," said Lincoln. "We'll get everyone on the same page as to street improvement, public utilities, that kind of thing."

Managed by Kelsy Ausland of Ausland Builders Construction Services in Grants Pass, the project will be the first of its kind in the region.

"The developer's scope is two-pronged," said Justin Yax, public relations director of DVA Advertising & Public Relations in Bend, a PR firm hired by Ausland Builders. "... They see this as being one of the most appealing resorts in the area. ... It has a combination of features that make it unique not only in Eagle Point, but in Southern Oregon."

Pending approvals, construction should begin in the next 60 days on the project's 17 triplex-style townhomes, said Yax, with completion expected in approximately 18 months. The first phase of the townhomes will include eight buildings with three units each, including the model.

"These will be full-ownership units," said Yax. "Pricing has not been finalized, but is anticipated to be in the range of $350,000 for middle units in the interior of the property, to $475,000 for end units fronting the golf course." Construction of the hotel and bungalows is expected to begin around Sept. 1, with completion expected in the fall of 2008, said Yax. Target rates for a hotel room are $110-$140 per night, with bungalow rates slightly higher. A restaurant and bar will offer seating for about 60.

The architectural style of the entire resort, including freestanding townhomes, is "Northwest lodge style with an abundance of timber and stone and a real sense of belonging and blending into the surroundings," said Yax.

A general contractor has not been hired yet, but Ausland Builders is reviewing bids and applications in anticipation of making a decision in the next two weeks. R.W. Hertel & Sons specializes in building residential developments in golf communities, said Yax.

"They see how unique the project can be for the region and how its meeting space can attract business clients," he said. "And it's the first resort at the golf course, so it offers overnight lodging that will help from a daily fee standpoint as well as tournaments and group golf."

The project will also create jobs, said Yax, during construction and to staff the hotel and grounds upon completion.

No plans have been made to broaden the scope of the Inn at Eagle Point, although Yax said the developer may pursue "similar projects in Southern Oregon that may or may not involve a golf element."

Jennifer Strange is a freelance writer living in Central Point. Reach her at jlstrange@hotmail.com.

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