Douglas County residents being evacuated as fires grow larger

Residents living west of Glendale have been ordered to evacuate their homes as a 7,500-acre fire continues to grow, officials said.

Douglas County sheriff's deputies are attempting to contact 45 homowners west of McCullough Creek near Glendale. The residents there are being asked to leave their homes as the fire is heading their direction, said Angie Johnson, a spokesperson with the Oregon Department of Forestry.

All homes west of McCullough Creek Road to Reuben are being evacuated.

In addition, about 30 homes east of McCullough Creek Road are being asked to prepare for a potential evacuation order. This means residents are warned that should conditions worsen, they also will be asked to evacuate.

The Douglas Complex started Friday morning when 54 fires were ignited by lightning on lands protected by the Douglas Forest Protective Association. It is estimated that about 7,500 acres have been burned between all the fires.

A majority of the fires in the Douglas Complex are located in the Cow Creek Canyon west of Glendale. In addition, a handful of fires in the Milo area are included in the Complex. The total number of fires is expected to decrease as several fires in close proximity to each other have burned together, officials said.

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