Domestic violence victims would love some help this year

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A new Bible, barrettes and battery-operated toys are a few things that will help heal.

The domestic violence Sarah and her two children endured has changed their lives forever. The children are struggling, like many do when the abuser is gone. The feelings and fears that the children had to hide from their abusive dad are coming out.

Sarah managed to access resources available through the state and Community Works to help her family get to safety. And she is determined to do whatever it takes to help her children heal and keep them safe. Sarah is working and plans to continue school in 2011 to become a professional in the health field. But right now she is struggling to provide a Christmas for her children.

Scott, 10, would like a remote-controlled car, ATV or helicopter. He needs pants (size 10) and "skater shoes" (size 7). He loves things that are cowboy-related and would like a cowboy-style black button-up shirt and a "real cowboy hat." He also likes board and card games such as Pictionary and Cranium.

Hannah, 13, wants a curling iron, hair barrettes and headbands. She would like a sketch book, pencils, paints and likes to make jewelry. She also likes horses (posters and a stuffed animal).

Sarah needs a gift card to get contact lenses at the Walmart Vision Center. She likes country music CDs and would like a new Bible with a study guide and devotions.

The family could also use a toaster, a set of silverware and dishes, and a throw rug for the living room. The kids could use twin sheets and Mom a queen comforter. Gift cards for groceries or family activities are always appreciated.

For more information, contact Gerry Sea at Community Works at 541-890-2937

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