Dock removal begins this week

This Wednesday, crews are scheduled to start dismantling the Japanese dock that washed up on a beach near Newport.

The dock has lain on this beach in Newport for weeks, drawing hundreds of curious visitors.

The dock that travelled over 7,000 miles from the Port of Misawa to Agate Beach is finally headed for demolition. Vancouver, Washington's Ballard Diving and Salvage submitted the winning bid, at $84,000. So Chris Havel with Oregon Parks and Recreation says it's one of the biggest debris removals in recent Oregon history.

"The beach will remain open during all the work. There will be a safety perimeter established around the dock very early Wednesday morning. The work will start Wednesday afternoon. You'll be able to get on the beach and watch the entire operation."

Oregon Parks and Recreation DepartmentA large derelict dock dislodged during Japans's 2011 tsunami washed ashore near Newport, Ore. (file photo).

Biologists are especially eager to see the work. This will be their first chance to see what kinds of marine life are stuck to the bottom of the dock.

Havel says Ballard will have up to seven days to finish the job - but he estimates it may take no more than two days.

Depending on the crowd, parking could be tight. Havel says if the beach's adjacent lot fills up, workers will turn cars away.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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