Development charge down

CENTRAL POINT — While a handful of development fees will increase in the next month or so, the city's largest "system development charge" — for streets — will drop 40 percent, from $4,177 to $2,545.

Combined with four other fees, new single-family housing developments in the city will cost $9,067 per home in hook-ups and charges to offset infrastructure costs for water, storm drains and parks, said development services manager Matt Samitore. That's $833 less than last year's SDC fees for single-family homes.

While rates typically inch their way up every few years, Samitore said a recent review of the city's transportation plan painted a more realistic picture of projects already completed and those likely needed in coming years.

"When we initially adopted our SDC model, we were using a very old document — one without the best information available," said Samitore. "Our new TSP has some really good information and we've completed projects and gone through our capital improvement list and only have projects on there that are realistically going to be built.

"We're basically not asking to build stuff that's 30 years out "¦ we'd like to charge the rate of what we need to raise to build projects and we don't want new business and residents to be paying an extra amount for new construction when they should only be paying their fair share."

Developer Tommy Malot, of Malot Construction, agreed to paying a fair share and said fees should be more reasonable countywide.

Malot said he's currently building houses in White City, where county building fees and SDC rates are set to jump by nearly $2,000 in coming weeks.

"It's kind of foolish at this time to even slow the market down more by having costs continuing to rise," Malot said.

"All that's doing is weeding out people who could afford to buy a house. I think it's nice the city (of Central Point) is looking into the aspect of lowering, or at least keeping prices stagnant in one aspect. It should help continue the growth they've started and bring rates back to where they should be anyway."

If all goes as planned, Samitore said the City Council would be asked to approve the reduced fees at its regular Oct. 25 meeting. Fees could take effect as soon as the next day.

Buffy Pollock is a freelance writer living in Medford. E-mail her at

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