Developer donates land to Jacksonville cemetery

Jacksonville's historic cemetery will be able to expand with the addition of nearly 12 acres of land that a developer transferred at a heavily discounted price.

Cris Galpin will sell and donate 11.76 acres on the northwest side of the 30-acre cemetery for $100,000. A 2009 appraisal valued the land at $2,850,000, but Galpin offered it for his original cost. In addition, the city will give Galpin two lots totaling 1.2 acres and worth an estimated $100,000.

"I've lived here my whole life. A lot of historic things need to be protected and preserved, and that (cemetery) is certainly historic for Southern Oregon," said Galpin. "They've got no place to expand, and they need it."

Besides cemetery expansion, the city will incorporate a hiking trail already on the property that links downtown to Pair-a-Dice Road into the Jacksonville trails system.

Galpin previously donated land to the city that included the cemetery's historic entrance.

Without additional land, city officials estimated they would run out of cemetery plots to sell within a few years. The addition will also allow for an ash-scattering garden. Cemetery commissioners will create a master plan for the new area.

— Tony Boom, for the Mail Tribune

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