Medford police detectives search rooftops in downtown Medford for a knife used in a 2007 stabbing. - Mail Tribune / Damian Mann

Detectives search rooftops for knife used in Medford stabbing

Detectives with the help of firefighters are searching the roofs of downtown Medford businesses this afternoon for a knife allegedly used by a once-convicted murderer who last week earned a new trial in his case.

Detectives hoisted by a Medford firefighting crane are retracing the steps detectives used in 2006 following the arrest of Luis Alberto Salas-Juarez for the murder of Mark Edwin Lunsford, 23, of Butte Falls.

On Friday, the Oregon Supreme Court tossed out Salas-Juarez's 2007 murder and attempted murder convictions and ordered a new trial, saying important evidence was withheld from jurors.

Medford police Detective Terry Newell said today that, based on the order, investigators decided to take another look for the knife, which was never recovered.See correction, below.

“We're just double-checking to be as thorough as we can,” Newell said.

Police cars blocked entrance to Bartlett Street this afternoon during the search of rooftops there, and searches were expected to continue throughout the afternoon, Newell said.

— Mark Freeman

Detective Newell's first name has been corrected.

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