Denman pond water returns after apparent vandalism

A 4-acre pond drained Saturday by vandals at the Denman Wildlife Area is close to full of water again today, but there are no plans to restock the pond with carp, bass or other warmwater fish.

Instead, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to let what fish survived the mysterious draining to remain and rejuvenate the pond, says Dan Ethridge, the wildlife area's assistant manager.

The 4-foot-deep pond, which is just south of the wildlife area headquarters off East Gregory Road, is created by six vertically placed stop-boards in an earthen dam.

The top five boards disappeared, likely sometime late Friday or early Saturday, and by Saturday afternoon the pond was drained to nothing but mud with a slight stream through it.

ODFW biologist Mark Vargas said he and others searched downstream, and none of the missing boards was found. They were not rotten, so natural failure appears impossible.

"They're just gone," Vargas says. "It appears to be vandalism."

— Mark Freeman

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