Defense rests without calling on Sandusky

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — Jerry Sandusky's defense lawyers rested their case Wednesday without calling the former Pennsylvania State University assistant football coach to the witness stand to rebut the child sexual-abuse charges against him.

Instead, Joe Amendola, Sandusky's attorney, sought this week to raise jurors' doubts about the credibility of eight alleged victims who testified. He argued that the accusers, who are all now young men, had a financial motive to make allegations; were prompted by investigators to embellish allegations; and had a history of making false claims.

In another defense theme, four other young men testified and said they had enjoyed friendships with Sandusky when they were boys and that he never touched them inappropriately.

Amendola also summoned a roster of colleagues, friends and neighbors who said Sandusky had a sterling reputation, citing his prominence in college sports and his founding of the Second Mile.

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