December 30, 1913

December 30, 1913

(Ashland Tidings)

Birthdays not infrequently fall on Christmas day, but it is a rare thing to help celebrate a golden wedding on the 25th of December. Such, however, was the fortune of friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Bunnell, who live at 171 Eight Street.

It was in the civil war year of '63, and way back in the state of Maine, that these two joined their fortunes. Mr. Bunnell had already given a year of service to the Union, having been stationed in Florida and Louisiana. For seven years they lived at North Wayne, Me., then the west lured them and they came to eastern Oregon, and in 1875 to Washington. In 1894 they went to California, in which state Mr. Bunnell has had mining interests ever since. Their daughter Ella was graduated from the University of California in 1901 and in 1905 the family made their home in Ashland.

Time has dealt kindly with Mr. and Mrs. Bunnell, for but slightly whitened hair, clear vision and vigor of body is theirs after the 50 years' span together.

News of the happy anniversary had spread and Mr. and Mrs. Bunnell all through the afternoon and evening of Christmas day were receiving friends and their congratulations. A set of gold-banded china came as an anniversary gift from those who knew of the event. Each guest of the day left his or her name in a book provided for the occasion, and all greeted, too, the daughter whose cheerful individualism is an encouragement to many.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 — How to be happy and healthy, fed and clothed on $9 a week if you have a family of five. Such is the problem which social workers have started to solve at Neighborhood House, in which Mrs. Woodrow Wilson is interested. There they have a "model home," and there the girls of the poorer sections of the nation's capital are taught the scientific principles of how to make both ends meet on $9 a week with five in the family.

The home is a typical Washington alley home, except that it is clean throughout. Cleanliness is the first precept that the instructors instill into the minds of their young pupils.

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