Kennett Peterson cools down with some water before the final lap of the pro men’s race Sunday at the Table Rock Road Race.

Cyclists sizzle on roads

Temperatures weren't the only thing heating up the roads Sunday as more than 160 cyclists from all over the state burned up the Table Rock Road Race, part of the Oregon Cup series.

Beginning at Sam's Valley Elementary School, the riders rode a loop that headed up Meadows Road and back down Antioch Road. Depending on their division, riders made from 1.5 to 3.5 loops of the 18-mile course. Each full loop had 1,300 feet of climbing and the half-lap featured 1,200 feet.

Having the temperature spike around 85 degrees was a shocker for some.

"My core temperature is what's up," said Tim Turk, of Team Cycle Sport, as he clutched his water bottle after the race. "I was riding in the snow Tuesday, wet roads Thursday and now this."

Lisa Turnbull of Team TAI/Gener8 won the women's Pro/1-2 race.

Kennett Peterson, racing for Team Oregon, won the men's Pro/1-2 event.

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