Culinary students may apply for tuition refunds

Students from the Medford Culinary Academy, which closed suddenly last month before they had earned their chef's certificates, have until April 30 to apply for partial or full tuition reimbursements.

Reasons for the closure of the school at 2330 N. Pacific Highway are unclear. However, owner Robert Gregson's grandson, Scott Gregson, told students his grandfather was ill. Scott Gregson said some students also failed to pay tuition.

Those students affected by the closure are asked to contact Karyn Chambers of the Oregon Department of Education at 503-947-5773 to request a claim form.

The state provides tuition reimbursement through the Private Career School Tuition Protection Fund, an endowment supported by fees paid by private career schools. Tuition can be refunded to affected students, and the state treasurer then seeks reimbursement from the failed school.

A completed claim form, copy of the student's enrollment agreement and documentation of all payments made by the student or lender must be submitted by April 30.

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